Veronica McGregor

Veronica McGregor

Partner, Goodwin Procter

As a leader in Goodwin Procter’s Financial Services Group, Veronica not only works with FinTech startups, but handles regulatory issues for mergers and acquisitions, private equity investments, IPOs, and commercial transactions. Specifically, her practice focuses on payment systems, financial services, Blockchain, virtual and cryptocurrencies, mobile banking, mobile payments and m-commerce, prepaid/stored value systems, consumer lending, privacy, online business, anti-money laundering compliance, software and technology licensing and privacy and data security. She has represented clients in a variety of financial services-related matters, including technology companies, banks, payment system providers, wireless carriers, gaming developers, virtual property trading platforms, online and physical retailers, social networking companies, online service providers, and software application developers.

Utilizing 20 years of bank regulatory training and her inherited entrepreneur DNA from her father, Veronica is uniquely suited to partner with clients on the front lines of product development and serve as an interpreter in situations where regulated entities, like banks, are partnering with unregulated entities, like tech startups. She advises businesses on how to navigate the patchwork of state and federal laws and regulations that they inevitably encounter as they design innovative payment systems to meet the demands of an online world. This has made her a niche practitioner – a payments specialist who utilizes her knowledge of the laws and regulations concerning moving money through cyberspace to effectively mediate and bridge the gap between the traditional banks and the rebels of the disruptive, new technology.

Veronica sits down with individuals and companies of all sizes who are just developing new payments technology and models in the Silicon Valley, and helps them troubleshoot their product before they are launched to make sure there are no regulatory issues that would inhibit them. Notably, she was counsel to Apple on the initial launch of ApplePay and negotiated contracts with the top 5 card issuing banks as well as advising on card network operations and related regulations.  Additionally, she assisted Silicon Valley Bank, which caters to startups, architect a banking product aimed at solving one of the key issues for emerging players in the payments space. She reviewed their initial product and identified some issues that had regulatory implications. After fixing these issues together, SVB launched their product successfully and it is now used by several payments companies and brings in millions in revenue for the bank. This type of collaboration is crucial to the success and continued innovation of Veronica’s clients and the payments industry as a whole.