Rob Trinnear

Rob Trinnear

Managing Director East, The Energy Authority

Robert Trinnear is a widely respected expert in risk management and financial derivatives with two decades of industry experience. He brings invaluable strategic insight to The Energy Authority, where he leads trading services across all commodity types for TEA’s clients in the East Coast markets.  Mr. Trinnear has a lengthy history of leadership roles at TEA, including Client Services Manager and Director of Trading and Risk Management, giving him unique perspective on the specific needs of TEA’s public power clients as they adjust to significant change and opportunity in the energy markets.

Before joining TEA, Mr. Trinnear was previously the Managing Director of Southern Horizon Consulting, where he specialized in financial risk management for clients in the technology, energy, and financial industries. His former experience includes serving as Senior Trader for Tyson Foods Inc. and a variety of trading and structured finance roles at Mirant Corporation.


Mr. Trinnear holds a master’s degree in finance from Georgia State University, and a bachelor’s degree in management from Trinity College, Dublin. He also has an advanced diploma in business studies from the Dublin Institute of Technology and an Executive Certificate in Strategy and Innovation from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.